2 Exclusive Larimar Bracelets

Up to $60 Value & FREE Shipping

When you join the Batey Girls Monthly Club you will join our women and girls upon a journey. This journey is one of freedom, escaping the harsh realities of their current lives which involve sex trafficking and domestic violence. 

The Dominican Republic is the third fastest growing nation in the world for human trafficking and more women die of domestic violence related crimes in the country than any other crime. This monthly club not only supports our international efforts to support our women and girls upon their journey to freedom, but it ensures we are spreading the word about some of the biggest issues facing our world today.

In your monthly package you will discover a unique bracelet set, designed only for our monthly members, communication from our team, photos of our girls and hand written postcards and notes. We encourage our girls to share what their thoughts and achievements and sometimes they will choose to share more personal details with our members. You are truly part of this incredible journey and we hope you love being with us every step of the way.


How do I sign up?

Super easy! Click the SUBSCRIBE NOW BUTTON and fill out our online form. You will select your bracelet size, your personal information and your monthly shipping address. You will then be welcomed by our founder and your monthly jewelry package will be scheduled for delivery. Shipping is FREE on all US orders. You can cancel at anytime, we just kindly ask for a 30 day notice!

Is your monthly payment tax deductible?

Unfortunately not. By law we are not able to give tax deductible receipts to anyone receiving a physical item for sale by our 501c3 organization.

How do I pay every month?

Upon clicking SUBMIT PAYMENT on your online subscription form, you will be directed to enter your payment information for the monthly subscription of $22 USD via PayPal. You may either log into your PayPal account and complete the transaction or simply enter a credit/debit card. The system will then initiate an automated debit from your preferred credit or debit card. Your card will be charged $22 on the same date upon which you initially registered each month. You will still receive your package between the 12th - 15th of every month. Please remember if you wish to cancel we require 30 days notice to ensure that is jewelry sent out is paid in full. 

What happens if I choose the wrong size?

No problem! We can take care of that for you. Just send us an email to and we can change your future size request for your bracelet set.

Why should I join the club?

We need people like YOU to support our AMAZING cause and our women and girls. Each month your bracelet set is entirely unique and we encourage our members to mix and match and share with family and friends! Share the love!

Who designs the bracelets?

Our Batey Girls team is comprised of many talented designers. Some months our sets will be designed by University students studying Jewelry Design in the USA, other months our girls and artisans will combine efforts and design the jewelry. We like to say that Batey Girls is like a family and we love making our customers happy with incredibly beautiful jewelry!