We work with local miners to mine Larimar; a rare and exotic blue gemstone, which is only found in an old volcano in the southwest mountain region of the Dominican Republic.


Our designs are unique and ethically made. Handmade by our women and girls with the support of local artisans; each piece is one-of-a-kind, cut by hand on lapidary machines.


100% of all jewelry sales go directly to the 501c3 organization; Batey Rehab Project. For every piece sold we are able to grow and expand our impact and employment opportunities for women and girls.

Batey Girls was established by the nonprofit organization; Batey Rehab Project, to provide economic opportunities for women and girls at risk of sex trafficking and domestic violence in the Dominican Republic. Our program was inspired by the true story of a nonprofit founder who witnessed parents selling their teenage daughters for sex, in order to feed their family. This program was created by the women and girls of Batey Milton providing an opportunity to begin new lives, and break free from the cycle of poverty. We have created a jewelry brand that you can be proud to wear, knowing that you are part of our mission to empower women and girls both internationally and here in the USA. 






Larimar is found in an old volcano in the southwest mountain area of the Dominican Republic in a town called Barahona overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It is the only known place on earth where pectolite is found in the color blue. It was initially discovered early in the 1900s by a Spanish priest but never mind. In 1974 it was rediscovered in the volcano by American Peace Corps volunteers Norman Rilling and Miguel Mendez while they were working in the area. Residents would find the stones on the beaches and thought that it came from the sea. Broken off pieces had been washing down the river to the sea from the volcano. The name Larimar is a combination of Miguel Mendez's daughter's name LARIssa and "Mar" the Spanish word for ocean.

We are committed to providing our customers with a new kind of beauty; ethical jewelry at affordable prices.


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