We use only local, handmade and ethically sourced raw materials.


We practice fair pricing for high quality products, investing in the local economy.


We empower at risk women and girls and we empower artisan entrepreneurs.


College Park, FL

Orlando, FL

New York City, NY


What are your typical lead times?

Wholesale orders are handmade to order and will be delivered in 4-8 weeks. We may also have a limited amount of jewelry designs available for immediate delivery - please contact us.

Do you have a minimum or maximum order size?

Our minimum order is $500. We have no limitations on quantities and we have the capacity to produce bulk orders with a 1-2 month lead time.

What are your payment terms?

All wholesale orders require a 50% deposit. Once the order is complete we will send confirmation of the completed order and final payment will be due prior to the order being shipped.

Tell me more about your retail locations.

We consider our retail locations an extension of our program. We are looking to partner with ethically responsible brands that are willing to share our story and embrace our customers.

I've never ordered from an international ethical brand before, what can I expect?

We have a dedicated quality control team in both the Dominican Republic and Orlando, Florida, to ensure that every Batey Girls product adheres to our specific quality standards. We are proud to offer handmade products that demonstrate not only the care and craftmanship of every woman, girl and artisan, but also our brand consistency that makes us a trusted retail partner.

Can I order custom designs?

Yes! We LOVE to collaborate with partners and create limited edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry! Whether your looking for a custom bracelet for your company, or an entire collection for your retail stores, we would love to begin the conversation with you. 

Please contact our design director at:


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