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Chakra Bracelet

Chakra Bracelet

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  • Handmade by Survivors
  • Empowers HER Future
  • 100% Sales to Ministry

This exquisitely delicate Chakra bracelet showcases a variety of gemstone chips artfully combined with Larimar and captivating lava rock. Affectionately known as the 7 centers of spiritual power residing within each of us, the power of the Chakras is brought to life.

The seven chakras include; the root chakra (red jasper), the sacral chakra (orange agate), the solar plexus chakra (citrine), the heart chakra (green aventurine), the throat chakra (Larimar), the third eye chakra (lapis lazuli), and the crown chakra (amethyst). Larimar is well known as a powerful gemstone that is used for its healing properties alongside being a powerful throat chakra. Wear this beautiful piece for its powerful qualities and put some of your favorite essential oils on the lava beads.

Every product has variations as a part of the hand-made charm!

Product Details:

Approx. Measurements: Stretch: 6 3/4 in

Materials: Red jasper, orange agate, citrine, green aventurine, Larimar, lapis lazuli, amethyst, lava and 14k gold-plated findings.

Handmade by women and girls escaping human trafficking in the Dominican Republic.


Designs featuring the rare and exotic blue gemstone Larimar, found only in the SW mountain region of the Dominican Republic, known as Barahona.


One-of-a-kind designs that tell a story featuring ethically sourced gemstones. Designed and handcrafted by the hands of our survivors.


100% of every purchase supports the daily operations of our international ministry rescuing, restoring and empowering survivors.

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